RSC - 4 HE

RSC-4ED2-0 RSC-4ED2-0 is designed for the Enterprise NAS, Disk-to-disk Backup, Virtual Tape Library applications. Twenty-four SCSI, or PATA or SATA hot-swap drive bays make this chassis the most ideal and economical Enterprise storage platform for the System Integrators and OEM’s.
RSC-4EG2 RSC-4EG2 is a G-series 4U 24-bay SAS/SATA storage server chassis, with rear hot-swappable OS drive support. This environmentally friendly solution features high-efficiency power supply, SPGC pre-plated steel with minimal paint, and ball-bearing mounting rail, offering a cost-effective solution ideally suited for a broad range of applications.
RSC-4KD2-2 RSC-4KD2-2 is the ideal platform for enterprise storage, NAS, iSCSI target, or disk-to-disk backup applications, it's sixteen hot-swap bays provide over 6.4TB of storage while it's 5.25" bay can also be used as tape drive. A dual processor base server board is supported for moderate computing power.
RSC-4KD2-2Q1 RSC-4KD2-2Q1 is a powerhouse storage platform that combines the computing power of Quad Opteron and up to 8TB of storage capasity. It is ideal for high performance online storage applications.